Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Additions in San Rafael

At this point to submit for permit in San Rafael the green building code requires an audit of the existing home, and waste management plan, a GreenPoint checklist, and Green Building Compliance Form, along with the usual material. Aurora BP can provide the audits, GreenPoint Checklist and compliance form. I have described audits in the last entry. The waste management plan needs to be provided by the contractor. The level of requirements can be determined from Table A. It is everything from some simple prescriptive measures to a whole house audit with a 20% improvement at completion. Where do you fit? The code states that the valuation of the project is the determining factor before square foot area. The problem is some folks are trying to get a permit before they've gotten bids. It is perhaps a bit mushy so I suspect you make the best guess on the valuation of the project and proceed on that assumption. the hazard of low balling the valuation is if it doesn't fly with the building dept you may get surprised with stiffer requirements. This is particularly true at the $300,000 mark; everything gets more complicated.

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