Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HERS II audits update

There are two providers that certify HERS raters and they are supposed to have an online registry for filing these ratings. This registry has to have very particular criteria to receive approval from the CEC. I was certified through CHEERS which did not manage to get their online registry together or up to the CEC dictates. There fore they can not provide the necessary service to us raters to do our job. Luckily the other provider CalCERTS stepped in and made some allowances to help the CHEERS raters get re-certified with CalCERTS. This is what I am doing; as of now I am certified for new construction and HVAC change outs. Dec 13, 2010 I start the training for the Whole House Energy Rater module which is equivalent to CHEERS existing homes except it is actually approved by the CEC. So I'll be official again soon but now I am still able to provide necessary paper work for getting permits.

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